Who is Gabo..?


Gabo is a Non-Profit Trust ((We do not take donations, But do assist and support various Charities worldwide)). Gabo is Supported by Åhléns Private Investment Fund.

Gabo was founded by Miss Carly Gamrasni Åhlén. Carly is an Entrepreneur and Conservationist whose family owned a Retail Fashion Empire. She is an active Animal Philanthropist,  As well as CEO/Founder of Gabo, She is also Senior Advisor for Wild@life e.V, and Honouree Trustee for, The Greek Animals Welfare Society and has dedicated much of her life, passion and own fundings into supporting Animal causes worldwide. Carly gave up a successful acting career to move to Greece to work as President for a Non-profit Animal Foundation for 7 years.. She held successful campaigns against travelling circuses, closed down illegal slaughterhouses after her undercover investigations working alongside the Greek Municipality, her more usual voluntary work was with Neglected horses, Donkeys and Stray cats and dogs.  Carly created Gabo in the year 2019, after visiting a Lion sanctuary in South Africa. Her trip enabled her to see the issues of Canned hunting, Wildlife poaching and illegal trafficking first hand and it inspired her to help raise awareness and support for Wildlife and Biodiversity, as well as the advancement of both educational and artificial intelligence in conservation. 

Carly Gamrasni raises awareness about Canned or trophy killed lions 
Lions sold to be shot Gabo

Get involved with Gabo’s active campaign against Lion farming and canned hunting in Africa.

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Get involved with Gabo’s active campaign against Ivory poaching in Africa.

Gabo works with Wild@life.e.V. as Senior Advisor

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Why does Gabo support and work with Wild@Life e.V Foundation?

In order to fully appreciate and understand the Foundation’s objectives, it is necessary to first understand the woman behind Wild@Life e.V. Foundation, “Aslihan Gedik“, an inspiring activist that Gabo’s founder, “Carly G Åhlén”, has known personally for over 10 years, from the time Carly was running the Greek Animal Welfare Society and they had joined arms against the issues of stray Animals in Greece and Turkey. 

By profession, Aslihan is an Investment Banker.  Her second life, the one that matters for the future of Africa’s wildlife species and the continent’s natural ecosystem – is what forms the basis of Wild@Life e.V. and her own life.  An avid animal activist, Gedik has made it her life’s mission to protect the rights of abused, orphaned and endangered animal species. Local partner with African Lion  & Environmental Research Trust on preservation work to rehabilitate the king of beasts to supporting the efforts of the Orangutan Outreach program in Indonesia, as well as protecting elephants and a broad range of primates in Africa and going to World's most dangerous war places like Syria to extract abandoned zoo animals, Gedik’s goal is to reinstate the importance of animal wildlife preservation. She has also demonstrated an exceptionally rare and unique ability to interact with wildlife.

Principally, Wild at Life is leveraging Gedik’s unique relationship with wild animals. As such, the Foundation brings a helping hand and rescue wildlife population in dire need. Under the care of the Wild@Life’s rehabilitation platforms, rescued animals are being released to national parks, secured game reserves, or designated sanctuaries, once they are ready to be integrated. The animals do remain as the Foundation’s rescues and Wild@Life e.V. is responsible for ensuring that these animals are well cared for during their natural lifespan. Wild@Life e.V. is also rescuing animals from war zones, like Syria, where the NGO saved 13 wild animals, where no other NGO even dared to enter.  Carly was elected Senior Advisor and is very active in her role in supporting Wild@life’s goals to help Wildlife.. 

This is the true story of Zeze.

In memory of Namibia

Gabo founder, Carly G Åhlén holding onto Namibia.

He was legally shot for 20,000£..   

Ban Canned Hunting Now!  

Art by Carly G Åhlén.